Section 3
Developing Habits of Giving and Serving
My True North
30 minutes
  • Paper and pencils
  • Flipchart and markers
  • Tape
  • Facilitator Handout: My True North
  • Handout: Personal Mission Statement
Physical Setting
Room for participants to work individually and in groups
  • 5 minutes for an introduction
  • 30 minutes to one hour to write personal mission statements (younger people will take longer than teens)
  • 15 minutes for processing

Philanthropy and one’s personal mission go hand-in-hand. Participants will develop a personal mission statement to guide their philanthropic actions.


  • To explore individual values and beliefs and determine how these contribute to formulating a personal mission
  • To develop a personal mission statement that can guide philanthropic actions


The facilitator explains to participants that exploring an individual’s mission statement continues throughout a person’s life. A personal mission statement is like finding “your true north.” It helps to bring purpose to a person’s life.