Section 4
Taking Philanthropic Action
Listening to Leaders
60 minutes
  • Index cards
  • Pencils
  • Flipchart/whiteboard
  • Facilitator Handout
  • Handout: Listening to Leaders Interview Questions
Physical Setting
Large room, with a semi-circle of chairs
Table/chairs in the center for the invited guests
  • 5 minutes for an introduction
  • 15 minutes for group brainstorming
  • 10 minutes for group questions
  • 30 minutes for trustee interview & process

Listening is a skill that all people need to improve or enhance, especially when involved in service to community. The activity puts into action the method of “appreciative inquiry” when participants interview community leaders to gather information about their philanthropic actions.


  • To learn the process of information gathering and community assessment by asking questions in the interview process
  • To give participants an opportunity to meet a community leader/trustee


The facilitator writes L I S T E N on a flip chart or whiteboard vertically. The following is written beside each letter as facilitator tells participants that:

L — Listening and Leadership
I — Invites
S —Service
T — to the
E — Entire
N — Nation

Please see Facilitator Guide for more information.