Section 4
Taking Philanthropic Action
Finding the “Good Stuff”: Positive Approach to Organizations and Communities
60 minutes
  • Flipchart
  • Markers
  • Easel
  • Facilitator Handout: Intro to Appreciative Inquiry
  • Facilitator Handout: Finding the Good Stuff
  • Handout – Interview questions
Physical Setting
Large group setting
  • 15 minutes for an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry
  • 25 minutes for Interviews
  • 10 minutes for Affirmative Statements
  • 10 minutes for Action Planning

This activity is based on the work of David Cooperrider, PhD, in the field of Appreciative Inquiry. It asks the participants to begin to look at the “good stuff” or “what works” in their community and organization, rather than focusing on the problems.


  • To allow participants to experience the appreciative inquiry approach of “looking at the good in their organization and/or community”
  • To view organizations and communities from a perspective of ‘half-full’ potential rather than ‘half-empty’


The facilitator draws two glasses on the flipchart with each filled to the same point in the middle of the glass and asks, “What ís the difference between these two glasses?” Some participants in the group will say, “one is half-full and the other is half-empty.”

The facilitator says to the group, “To understand the ‘good stuff’ of a community or organization, we need to look at the positive things which are happening. Another name for this is Appreciative Inquiry.”