Section 4
Taking Philanthropic Action
Check it Out! Assessment Scavenger Hunt
60 minutes (for internal interviews)
(will take more time to organize at external location)
  • Scavenger Hunt Inventory for participants
  • Pencils
  • Handout – Scavenger Inventory
  • Handout – Youth As Philanthropist Certificate
Physical Setting
If this activity is done within your program/organization, participants should have a quiet space for the interviewing. If they are interviewing at external organizations, schools, or churches, you will need to obtain permission prior to conducting the activity.
  • 10 minutes for theme setting, explanation of activity and grouping participants in teams
  • 40 minutes for the scavenger hunt (may take longer if the physical option is selected)
  • 10 minutes for processing

This activity provides a way to gather information to prepare for community philanthropic action.


  • To provide the participants with another method of information gathering
  • To give the participants an open-ended tool to evaluate their organization and community


This activity involves taking a tour of the organization or neighborhood. Participants should be reminded to be courteous, polite, and non-disruptive to the others in the organization or neighborhood as they go about gathering the information

The facilitator explains that the participants are going to learn and practice another form of information gathering. “You have taken scavenger hunts before and today we are going on a scavenger hunt to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organization or neighborhood.”

The facilitator divides the group into teams and gives each member a Scavenger Hunt inventory sheet. One group member should be designated to fill in the answers on his/her inventory.


After the groups have completed the activity, the facilitator asks each group to report out on their findings. The facilitator should note the responses. This should lead to a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the organization/neighborhood and begin to have the participants recognize the philanthropic actions that have been taken on behalf of the organization/neighborhood.

Ask participants to discuss the following: “If you were honored for your philanthropic actions, what would you want your recognition certificate to say about you?”

Optional: Copies of the certificates could be given at the completion of today’s activity or at a Celebration event.