Section 3
Developing Habits of Giving and Serving
Using Your Gifts And Talents To Create Change
60 minutes
  • Supplies for taking notes
  • Equipment to take videos (Cell phone camera, digital camera)
  • Facilitator Handout: Using Your Gifts and Talents to Create Change
  • Handout: Seven Tips for Effective Philanthropic Presentations
Physical Setting
Large room and several breakout rooms where small groups can meet
  • 5 minutes for an introduction
  • 20 minutes for planning
  • 30-40 minutes for presentations
  • (5-10 minutes per group)

This activity introduces the skills needed to be an effective advocate for a cause or issue. Through role-play, participants will develop their own television presentation. Small groups will determine their cause or issue and plan a short presentation that incorporates time, talent or treasure.


  • To practice taking philanthropic action on behalf of a cause in which one truly believes
  • To introduce skills needed to be an effective advocate for an issue
  • To have participants begin to understand the impact philanthropic actions have on a community and world.


The facilitator explains that each group of participants has been given 5 minutes of prime time television to address over 50 million Americans about your deepest concerns for your organization or community. The idea is that everything is provided: writers, production crew, camera, etc.