Section 2
Plunging Into Philanthropic Actions
40 – 50 minutes
  • Handout: Panel Presentation and questions
Physical Setting
Large group setting with seating for the panel at the front of the room
  • 10 minutes for introduction of panel members
  • 15 minutes for presentations from each panel member (The Corporate, Private Sector, Public Sector, Individual Donor and a Volunteer)
  • 15 minutes for Q & A

Participants will meet and learn about individuals who are taking philanthropic action. Representatives of the corporate, private, and public sectors are asked to share their thoughts on why they have become philanthropists for their organizations and/or community.

Prior to Session

The facilitator should call representatives from each sector and invite them to be a part of the philanthropic action panel. The facilitator will need to communicate with each panelist and provide information about the youth organization and the philanthropic training the participants are receiving.

Panelists should discuss and help the participants learn about the support to various nonprofits contributed through corporations, grants, giving campaigns such as the United Way, individual donors, and volunteers.


  • To give youth participants a more in-depth look into the philanthropic actions in their community
  • To provide youth participants an opportunity to meet the people in the community who have taken philanthropic action
  • To begin to understand the role of a philanthropist in serving the common good of the community


The facilitator explains that individuals representing the private, corporate, nonprofit, and the public sectors of the community will be meeting with the youth. They practice their philanthropic actions both individually and professionally.

The Facilitator may say to the participants: “Today, we are going to meet some people who take action in the community; hear and learn what they do; why they do it; and why it is important to give back to the community. You will have an opportunity to ask each panelist questions.

A goal of today’s presentation is to learn that many groups or sectors in our community are providing philanthropic actions for the good of the community.

Our definition of philanthropic action is action taken which involves the use of one’s time, talent, and treasure for the common good of the community.”

Panel Presentation Handout is given to the participants.


The facilitator should ask the participants to reflect on the panelist presentation after the panelists have gone:

  1. What did you learn that was new to you”
  2. Were you surprised to learn about all the different philanthropic actions that can happen in a community on behalf of an organization?
  3. Do you have a better understanding of how local philanthropic actions can make our community unique?
  4. How can you take action in your school or youth program?   (Remind the participants it is not “the money” which makes a philanthropist, but the gift of time, talent and whatever treasure is available at different times in your life.)