Section 2
Philanthropic Matching Game
45 minutes
  • Game cards with famous philanthropists
  • Blank index cards
  • Organization/school/church timeline
  • Pens
  • Organizational history
  • Names of people who have assisted the organization and/or community
Physical Setting
Large room where participants can move about
  • 5 minutes for introduction by facilitator
  • 10 minutes for matching famous philanthropists
  • 15 minutes for making organizational match cards
  • 5 minutes for adding to the timeline
  • 5 minutes for reflection

This activity explores well-known philanthropists and the causes they have supported. The definition of “philanthropy” is reinforced in a matching activity.


  • To have participants learn about well-known and local philanthropists
  • To have participants learn about the philanthropists who have specifically helped their organization, program or school


The facilitator explains that participants will learn about famous and community philanthropists. They will have an opportunity to match a name with a philanthropic action(s). After matching some well-known names, the participants will research their own organization, school, or faith- based group and discover local philanthropists.

As Nelson Mandela suggested, philanthropists are “using time creatively and realizing that the time is ripe to do right.” After making their own philanthropists cards, participants can match them and reflect upon the definition of philanthropy: thoughtful, intentional, and ongoing giving of your time, talent, and treasure.

1st Activity
The facilitator will pass a basket around and ask each participant to pick a game piece. When everyone has a piece, they are to walk around the room and find the match. When they find their match, have them sit together and discuss the philanthropic actions of that person.

Some questions for the participants to consider in their conversations:

  • In what ways did they give their time, talent, or treasure intentionally?
  • Did they give all three or focus on one or two?
  • What was intentional about their giving?
  • How has your life been impacted by what they did?

The facilitator brings the partners back to the large group and has them share their philanthropist and some of their philanthropic actions.


  • What do you think the people we talked about today (famous and our own local Philanthropists) have in common? Bring out the time, talent, treasure, and intentional giving that is used in the definition.
  • How did these individuals make a difference in their community?
  • How do any of these acts impact your life?