Section 1
What in the World is Philanthropy?
Philanthropic Race With Time
20 minutes
  • Timer
  • Ball
Physical Setting
Large room for a circle or outdoors where there is lots of space

A fun activity that uses the actions of saying, touching, and moving to better understand philanthropic words that can become a real part of one’s life.


  • To have some fun with the word “Philanthropy” while, at the same time, understand what the word means
  • To have the participants add to their philanthropic vocabulary


The facilitator asks the participants to get in a large circle and explains the following points of the game. All rounds may be played more than once if needed.

First Round

  • A ball will be tossed across the circle.
  • A timer is set for 1 minute or any amount of time the group decides.
  • When the ball comes to a participant, they are to catch it, and say the word “philanthropy” before the timer goes off.
  • If the timer goes off, the participant is eliminated from the game.
  • If the participant beats the timer, they are to throw it quickly to another person, who repeats the word, and throws the ball to another person.
  • Each time the timer goes off before   the person has gotten rid of the ball, they are eliminated from the circle.

Second Round
The facilitator announces that they will still throw the ball, but, instead of saying “philanthropy,” the person   who has the ball must say what the word means to them. Rules remain the same and participants are eliminated in the same manner. The timer is set for 2 minutes.

Third Round
The facilitator says that when the ball arrives to them this time, they must spell the word “philanthropy” correctly in the time allowed and pass the ball on to the next person. If it is spelled incorrectly, the participant is eliminated. The game ends when only one participant remains.

If there is a “standoff,” ask the participants to do all three in the time allotted: Say the word, what the word means, and spell the word in the time allowed.  The timer is set for 1 minute.