Section 1
What in the World is Philanthropy?
Getting to Give
45 minutes
Getting to Give Worksheets
Physical Setting
Large group setting where smaller groups can meet
5 minutes for review and introduction
  • 10 minutes to fill out
  • Getting to Give Worksheet
  • 20 minutes to share the worksheet
  • 10 minutes for processing

This activity helps young people see that they can generate treasure to use in philanthropic actions. It is an opportunity to practice philanthropy.


  • To help young people see they can give a treasure to use in philanthropic actions
  • To discover access to treasure through selling things that young people own


This activity will demonstrate how each participant has their own time, talent, and ways to generate money which  can be changed into dollars. Participants are reminded that one important way to be a philanthropist is to give money. The activity will ask each person to think of some ways he/she can generate money.  The facilitator hands out the Getting to Give worksheet.

Facilitator discusses what is on the worksheet:

  1. THINGS I have that I could sell to get money to give.
  2. Ways I could use my TIME to make money to give.
  3. Special TALENTS I have that I can use to make money to give.

Before having the participants complete the worksheet, the facilitator helps the group come up with examples for each section:

“Who has an old book or CD or something else at home that you don’t use or want? Tell me a few of the things you have. Where do old books, CD’s, games sometime end up?” (in the trash)  Participants give several examples such as this. “OK, we’ve got some old CD’s, books, games, an old bike and some Barbie dolls I’ve outgrown. Where could a person sell these things? (Garage sales, rummage sales, consignment stores)

What could you do as a group or individual to make money for a good cause? What have you seen others do to make money for causes? Answers may include car washes, selling candy, raking leaves, collecting cans or newspapers to sell, etc.

Does anyone here draw or do some form of art or play the piano or a musical instrument?   Maybe you could use your talent to create something to   sell.

Participants work on their lists. They can do this individually or in small groups with each group listing their ideas on the worksheet.