Section 1
What in the World is Philanthropy?
A to Z of Philanthropy
30 minutes
  • A to Z cards of words and definitions
  • Index cards
  • Dictionary (hard copy or online)
Physical Setting
Large room where participants will be able to move about
  • 5 minutes to pass out cards and introduce activity
  • 15 minutes to find the match
  • 10 minutes reflection/discussion

This is a matching activity which further explains the action of “philanthropy.” It can be used several times as an interactive activity and a reminder of the language and actions of philanthropy.


  • To increase the participant’s knowledge of the language and meaning of philanthropy
  • To introduce philanthropic actions and words


The facilitator hands out the A to Z word cards to participants. Some participants will have the words; some participants will have the definitions. Participants are to walk around the room and match the word with the definition. Matches are to stand together.

When the majority of matches have been made, they are asked to come forward in alphabetical order. The participants will have to line up in front of the room in the correct order WITHOUTsaying a word to one another. The A’s and Z’s have the easiest job. Partners decide who will say the word, and who will say the definition.

After participants have completed the activity, the facilitator tells them that there are many more words out there that can describe “philanthropic actions”.   Give the group blank index cards and place them in groups. Give the groups 10 minutes to add to the philanthropy alphabet.  The facilitator asks each group to report out on their word and definition.


  1. Which words were new to you?
  2. Can you think of people or places in your community where some of these philanthropic actions take place?
  3. How will you use these new vocabulary words?