Have fun learning more about Phil and His Family’s Adventures in Giving. His family and friends are very busy with serving their community! Each character’s story will carry the philanthropic theme of time, talent, or treasure. Read a story and discuss the questions. “Call to Actions” will be provided with each character story to help with suggestions of giving your time, talent or treasure!

Grant Anthropy
Phil’s Dad
Sharin Anthropy
Phil’s Mom
Phil Anthropy
Charity Anthropy
Phil’s Sister “Sis”
Phil’s Dog
Philomena Anthropy
Phil’s Grandma
Micah Difference Jr.
Phil’s Best Friend
Micah Difference Sr.
Jr’s Dad “Big”
Maria Generoso
Jose’s Twin Sister
Liliana Generoso
Twin’s Big Sister
Jose Generoso
Maria’s Twin Brother
Manny Generoso
Jaunita’s Husband
Jaunita Generoso
Manny’s Wife
Mrs. Cara Lott
Phil’s Teacher
Daniel Do’More
Police Officer
Ed Jucation

Professor’s Robot